Welcome to Zambia

Zambia may not be the first country that comes to mind when planning a dream African safari holiday, but being relatively undiscovered makes it all the more special. A Zambia safari holiday ensures fantastic African game viewing, including Big Five safaris, and also opportunities to see endangered white rhino and experience an unspoilt, less commercialised part of Africa.


The Zambian dry season between June and November is a wonderful time to visit due to its cobalt blue skies, hot days and cool nights. Victoria Falls makes a great option to combine with a safari, but can be visited on its own when the camps are closed briefly in the wet season between January and February. This is when the 'smoke that thunders' lives up to its name.

Outside of the wettest months rain does fall, but this is compensated for by minimal crowds and top quality birdwatching.

Sample Itinireraries

We have many itineraries on offer. Here are only a handful of sample itineraries, if you require the prices of the samples below, please drop us a line and we shall send them through to you. Please remember that these are only sample itineraries: if you would like your own custom designed ones, use the enquiry form and we will design what is best suited for you.